Web Design

The design of websites, Content Management Systems and online stores is an important part of our business operations. Our team includes computer graphics artists, PHP developers and CMS administrators. We are proud of our rich experience in the design and development of Internet-based solutions and systems. What is more, we can easily adjust to all the customer's specific requirements through our dedicated, own solutions. Depending on the customer's specific needs, we can also deliver websites based on such well-known CMS products as Joomla or WordPress. As a part of our offering we provide our customers with end-to-end graphical identification, starting from the customer's logo, through graphic visual drafts of the website, and ending with tailor-made templates of presentations, documents and forms with the customer's branding. Please have a look at the following webpage to learn more about our Web Design services www.kc.opole.pl

Pro Event

Our WEB DESIGN department plays a vital role in the delivery of conferences, congresses and other events that require visual or IT support. We will be happy to prepare a dedicated visualisation of your special event, including customised presentation templates, professional stationary and leaflets, as well as large elements identifying the venue of your meeting (banners, posters, stands, walls etc.). For events requiring top-level, professional visibility we build dedicated Internet websites where the participants can check all the details about the speakers, read the agenda of the conference or fill their participant registration form. We also support the organisation and delivery of web conferences and webinars.

The flexibility of our offer guarantees your satisfaction as thanks to our approach we can fully align to your needs. Please have a look at our offer and portfolio.